Police Dogs - tools of abuse

Former West Jordan Police Officer Ian Adams who currently sits on the board of directors of the Utah State Fraternal Order of Police, breaks into a home without a warrant and commands his K9 to maul a compliant man as he sits in his home with his hands up. 

If there was any true justice and accountability within the West Jordan Police department, officer Ian Adams should have faced criminal charges and should have been removed from the police force. Of course none of this happened. His long history of abuse against the public has landed him a position in the board of directors in a Utah Police Union.

Former Officer Brent Jex who is now the President of the Police Union, proceeds to taser the man after falsely claiming the man was resisting arrest.

Officer Greg Gray then drops a chair on the man’s forehead and does not even apologize or report the injury he caused.

Their criminal actions went without consequences by his superior Kieth Jenkins.

WJPD Records Department

When we initially requested  the videos of the event we received a reply stating there were no videos related to the incident. We had to insist in order to receive the footage and once received, they were highly redacted and there was very little information visible or audible.  There’s still  other videos missing from that violent encounter with police.